Read Around the Room

Easy Version:

All you need for Read Around the Room is some scrap paper from the recycling bin and school pencils. Of course you can make it much cuter and more detailed, but those are the basics. Students walk around the room, independently or in pairs (pairs is much more fun), and read any and all print they find. Ask them to read around the room, and to neatly copy as many words as they can find, but they must be able to read them!

Most likely you have many items in the class labelled. The drinking fountain, the door, the coat hooks, fiction and non-fiction signs, the crayon bin, the rulers, scissors, the drama centre. You get the idea. If you haven't already labeled these items, it's a very good idea. Most teachers have some sort of word wall and/or posters that contain print. If you have been doing shared reading (a poem, for example), copy it onto chart paper and put it up on the wall somewhere for them. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s effective.

High Tech:

To make this centre truly adorable for K-2, buy 2-4 pairs of cheap plastic kids’ sunglasses from the dollar store. Remove the lenses and put the frames in a bin or basket. Pick up a couple of pieces of dowel from the hardware store and saw them in half. Wrap the rough end in coloured duct tape and sand the other end to look like a not-too-sharp pencil, which can be coloured if you like. These will be pointer sticks. Be sure you teach the children not to duel with them! (It's happened.) Add clipboards and you’re all set. The kids look way cute reading like this, and they love it.

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